「The Venture贏之有道」

30 May 2016

芝華士創立的「The Venture贏之有道」在香港有二十二名報名參加,最後選出5位社會企業家。當中,有為本地發展相關的工作和機會,一次想以城市農業去解決糧食可持續安全發展的問題,也有一個科技初創企業,通過語音導航去讓視障人士能夠使用手機應用程式。 職到JOBDOH會前往紐約市的全球總決賽為一百 萬美元資金份額展開爭奪。

Chivas Hong Kong’s The Venture Year 2 saw 22 applicants and five shortlisted candidates tackling issues such as employment equality, food sustainability, tech access for the visually impaired, and the environmental impact of travel. 職到 Jobdoh will now go on to the global finals and have a chance at US$1 million in funding and support. www.theventure.com