Xania Wong - [email protected] featured in Human Resources Online

04 Jul 2016

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Facing the challenge of an ageing workforce, hiring only full-time permanent workers is no longer sufficient to meet business needs. Employers need to look for other talent sources to meet their manpower demands. With JOBDOH, a mobile-first online job portal, employers can easily reach out to talents such as students, housewives and retirees.

Through the powerful JOBDOH AI system which tops industry standards, the amount of time employers save in screening candidates is un-precedent. Spare 30 minutes for a demo and you will see how JOBDOH technology can add turbo to recruitment efficiency. The JOBDOH screening system gives candidates a score based on 15 areas. Employers can locate the most suitable candidates based on the score without having to meet them face to face.

If employers want to find out more about the candidate, they can conduct a video conference interview through the app. After every project, employers will give a rating to the employee. Employers can see the rating and past employment history of candidates to help them make informed hiring decisions.

The questions that JOBDOH ask candidates in the screening process are based on proven psychology. Knowing that candidates with the best qualifications doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best employees, the questions focus on the attitude and eagerness of candidates.

The efficiency of JOBDOH is another factor that impresses users. The system is able to help employers find the right match in three minutes. There are cases where staff showed up for work an hour after the job advertisement was put up. All of this is made possible with the advanced AI of JOBDOH.

Looking forward, I think using AI to select the most suitable candidates is an integral part of recruitment in the future. Not only does it save time with interviews, it also eliminates human bias in the selection process.



JOBDOH是一個以流動用戶為目標的招聘網站, 透過幫助僱主接觸潛在人才,如學生、家庭主婦及退休人士,以滿足僱主的人才需求。