Having fun at OnSummit :)

22 Aug 2015


This weekend, we hopped onto OnSummit – A startup pitching organised by the HKU Alumni Entrepreneurs Club. We had a lot of fun meeting you guys, and exchanging ideas. Also, it was great to listen to Dr. Allan Zeman’s, the founder of Lan Kwai Fong, inspiring speech on what makes a startup successful.

Thank you for all your support at Onsummit! Special thanks to the HKU Alumni Entrepreneurs Club for giving JOBDOH an opportunity to inspire people on stage.

OnSummit startups產品展示,多謝各位支持!

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Why we should support the ‘Gig Economy’

21 Aug 2015


“A lot of people are convinced that a lot of people should be paid a lot less, but I’m pretty sure everyone I’ve ever met thinks they should be paid a lot more. A lot of people are going to end up unhappy.” ~ My buddy Dan

“Gig jobs” – the newest term for the employment of freelancers or independent contractors – are invoking a lot of discussion these days.

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