Two Hong Kong startups to set precedent at West Tech Fest

05 Feb 2015

It’s the first time that two non-Australian startups have been selected as finalists at the OzAPP Awards

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery


Image credit: Bill Tai, OzAPP Awards Co-Founder and Rohan McDougall, Director IP Commercialisation, Curtin University

Two Hong Kong startups have become the first non-Australians to make it as finalists in the OzAPP Awards . They will be flown to Perth, Australia to compete at West Tech Fest on February 18.

The event is considered one of the largest tech conferences in the country.

JOBDOH and Joy Sprouts will be be competing against three other Australian-based startups after they made it to the top five of the OzAPP Awards.

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“These two startups are being flown to Perth to compete at the West Tech Fest… It is also the first time that two startups out of Australia have been selected as finalists. They have been selected ahead of 14 other Australian startups,” Mikey Kailis, OzAPP Awards Director, told e27.

JOBDOH has also just been accepted into Hong Kong’s new B2B tech accelerator Blueprint.

An official release shared more on the two Hong Kong startups:

JOBDOH is a location based, on-demand mobile platform to book best-fit temporary workers, targeting the food and beverage, hospitality and exhibition industry in Hong Kong. Joy Sprouts is a games and activities app that develops a range of important skills for children to encourage total childhood development. The app provides personalised reports that allow parents to follow their pre-schooler’s progress across key areas of development. The three other finalists are APE Mobile from Perth, and FreightExchange and Kindy from Sydney. Up for grabs is the QPrize Australia, a USD$100,000 convertible note awarded by US investment firm Qualcomm Ventures.

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自己Startup自己救 港青遠赴矽谷取經

24 Jan 2015

【創業Startup】 眾所周知矽谷是創業家搖籃,除了創業氣氛濃厚,你亦有機會接觸傑出創業家,甚至向天使投資者推銷,見識甚麼是頂尖宣傳。身在香港的你,會否甘心等待特首口中的三億元「青年發展基金」?

早前有機會到矽谷交流的Myflat.hk及職到,雖然未能於旅程中得到投資者的垂青,不過兩個團隊不約而同認為,與矽谷人親身交流後,所得的意見、體會已彌足珍貴。 Myflat.hk矢志要利用社交媒體,拉近鄰里關係。經過矽谷旅程後,創辦人之一Antony指,為免再被人誤會為地產代理平台,決定改名為Around。Around團隊反應極快,於最後一日落場向投資者進行推介時的表現已較第一日改頭換面。Antony認為,樂於分享亦是當地的致勝之道,「香港唔一定要做矽谷,可能係快活谷、創業谷,建立自己的創業文化。」 散工配對平台職到創辦人Mary及Xania,為Google創業比賽唯一一隊全女班勝出隊伍。兩人指出香港酒店業經常有緊急散工需求,因此套用「交友網站」的概念,方便僱主與散工進行極速配對。於矽谷幾天,令她們體會到,不可輕言退縮。Xania表示,會記住其中一個講者所說:「Always compete with yourself」。 記者:倪敏慧 攝影:方智傑

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